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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 6, 2012 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, breaking news. a frantic search launched overnight. a 10-year-old girl last seen leaving home for school. police say, she never made it. highway chaos. bad weather and bad driving are blamed for crash after crash on a stretch of road in florida. 12 wrecks involving 47 vehicles and more than 50 people injured. and that bad weather is just the start of what may be headed your way. they call her the black widow. a 77-year-old woman accused of trying to kill her third husband. she's done time for the death of husband number one. and husband number two died under mysterious circumstances. and man's best friend. the tale of a husky who just couldn't bear to stay another moment away from his hospitalized owner.
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the dog's name is zander. he was distraught when his owner went to the hospital. wait until you hear what he did to find his owner. zander is here with us on "gma." he'll be live with his owners on the set. >> such a great story. the owner says zander is like a son to him. also, we have breaking news from the vatican, where the pope's butler has just been convicted of leaking controversial documents. it's one of the most damaging scandals to hit the pope. we'll have a live report coming up from rome. >> the butler leaked the documents to help the pope. we'll tell you what his sentence is. the new jobs numbers showing unemployment at its lowest level in years. now, allegations that the administration is cooking the books. do those charges have any merit? we'll take a closer look at that. >> pretty shocking charges
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there. and a preview of the debate everyone really wants to see. the comedian versus the cable news anchor. jon stewart and bill o'reilly faceoff in rumble 2012. we'll handicap the showdown and look at how the opponents are getting ready. is stewart really prepping with colbert and a chicken? nothing would surprise me with jon stewart. >> sounds about right. we're going to start with an amber alert in colorado. the fbi has joined the search for jessica rodriguez, last seen leaving for school yesterday morning. she never arrived. clayt clayton sandell is on this story. clayton? >> reporter: good morning to you, dan. 50 police officers, including the fbi, are search right now, overnight using bloodhounds in temperatures that near freezing. and no sign of jessica. a desperate search under way for a 10-year-old last seen nearly 24 hours a ago.
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the last time anybody saw jessica was 8:30 friday morning. she left to walk three blocks to meet friends for a walk to school. a route she did every day. but she never got there. when jessica didn't show up for class, the school called her home. but jessica's mother, who works the overnight shift was asleep. she didn't get the message. that delayed her calling police for nearly eight hours. >> when we start with a delay as substantial as this, the distance she could have wandered even on her own, it just gets huge. >> reporter: police say jessica's weather, who lives out of state, is in a custody battle with jessica's mother. they do not believe jessica can with him. but are not ruling anyone out. >> we don't have a person of interest. and we're going to look at every angle. we're going to look at every angle multiple times. >> reporter: police are searching vast areas of terrain, including fields and lakes. bad weather kept search
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helicopters grounded. but 150 volunteers turned out to help. >> nothing like this has ever happened. it's always surprising when something happens here. >> reporter: when the sun comes up, police say they will be bringing in even more people to help search for jessica. they're also hoping for a break in the weather so they can get helicopters up to search from the sky. dan? bianna? >> clayton, thank you. we're going to turn, now, to the economy and the race for the white house. the nation's unemployment rate dropped to 7.8% in september, bringing it below 8% for the first time in more than 3 1/2 years. as for jobs, 114,000 were created last month. while the numbers from july and august were revised higher by 86,000. so, with just 31 days to go before the election, what impact will this have on the race? it's "your voice, your vote." and our david kerley is in orlando, florida, with the latest. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. mitt romney is here in florida. this battleground state. and he comes to florida without one of his most potent weapons
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because that jobs reporter raced the claim that the unemployment rate has been above 8% for nearly four years. that change completely altered the political landscape and narrative of the last week. in virginia, there was no public high-fiving. but the jobs numbers were cheered by supporters of the president. >> the unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest level since i took office. >> reporter: also in virginia, mitt romney's post-debate momentum ran smack right into those breakthrough numbers. >> more and more people have just stopped looking for work. >> reporter: romney tried to spin the unemployment rate. >> the truth is, if the same share of people were participating in the workforce today, on the day the president got elected, the unemployment rate would be around 11%. >> reporter: the president, who spoke before romney, saw that charge coming. >> today's news, certainly is not an excuse to try to talk down the economy, to score a few
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political points. it's a reminder that this country has come too far to turn back now. >> reporter: but there was more. when the former ceo of general electric took to twitter and the air waves, suggesting the obama campaign cooked the numbers. >> i don't know what the right number is. but i'll tell you, these numbers don't smell right when you think about where the economy is right now. >> reporter: many experts laughed off the charge. but the labor secretary, whose department compiles the monthly report, was not laughing. >> i'm insulted when i hear that. it's really ludicrous to hear that kind of statement. >> reporter: now, we know that here in florida, along with mitt romney, is rob portman, who plays president obama in debate preparation. they'll be doing a bit of that today before an event tonight. the president has nothing on his schedule. we don't know what he's doing. no guidance on whether he's preparing for the next debate. as for the last debate, dan and bianna, some democrats are
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saying what debate, after the jobs report. we're joined by john avlon, senior analyst with "the daily beast." these allegations that the numbers are somehow cooked are shocking and dangerous, especially from somebody as prominent as jack welch. what does it say about partisanship in the country? >> it says that it starts to rot people's brains. the theory is just -- we need a good name for this. i nominate job nutters. but this really is ridiculous. this is -- first things first, this is good news for the country. and, yes, it benefits the president because it adds to argument. it takes away the argument that unemployment rate's been over 8%. it's a positive sign for the country. and frankly, it gives the president a boost in the wake of a terrible debate performance. but bottom line, it's a sign that the trend is moving away
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from the debt sweep we've dealt with. >> let me pick up on that. some democrats are saying what debate? how much of a boost does it really give the president, given the lackluster nature of his performance the other night? >> it doesn't give the president a do-over. he had a lousily first debate. that hurts. it's not determinative. the economy's issue number one. this is a boost. it helps change the topic. but it doesn't erase that first debate. the president has to have a great performance in the second. and so does joe biden against paul ryan in kentucky. >> it's all about the undecided voters. we have one more jobs report after this one. let's assume that the economy remains tepid and growing slowly. how much does a small drop in the unemployment rate help undecided voters? >> it creates a psychological barrier, breaking below 8%. and the issue is less the actual number than the trend. and the fact is we're moving in the right direction. not as fast as some folks would like. but it gives reason for hope. again, this is a statistical
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tallsman that tells people we're moving in the right direction. >> talk about the vice presidential debate coming up this thursday. is that likely to have any impact on the interior of this race? >> it could have one. if paul ryan wins this debate, that gives the romney camp a strong argument. mitt romney trying to move towards the center. there's going to be a lot of fireworks. you have a policy wonk in paul ryan. you have joe biden who is everyone's uncle, for better or worse. >> who knows what he'll say? >> every little bit matters. 30 days away. >> john, our thanks to you. abc news will have live coverage of the vice presidential debate on thursday at 9:00 p.m. with diane sawyer and george stephanopoulos. a lot of other news breaking overnight. for that, as always, we go to mr. ron claiborne. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, dan and bianna. breaking news from new york city. five terror suspects extradited
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from britain are on new york soil. the men arrived in new york city early this morning. two will be in court later today in connecticut. the best known of them is able hamza al masri. he is charged for trying to set up a training camp in oregon. and we have breaking news out of the vatican, that scandal that rocked the vatican. pope benedict's butler convicted this morning of stealing the pope's private documents and leaking them to a journalist. lama hasan joins us with all of the details from london. good morning, lama. >> reporter: good morning to you, ron. today, the three judges presiding over this case took just an hour and ten minutes in deliberations. and the verdict, guilty of theft. now, the pope's butler, paolo gabriele, has been sentenced to one year and six months in an italian prison. that's less than was expected, which was a sentence of four years. when the sentence was read, he showed no emotion. the pope's butler had been
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arrested in may, accused of stealing the pope's secret documents and leaking them to the press, a damning scandal that rocked the vatican. and during the trial, he denied the charge of aggravated theft. but had confessed to stealing the documents and, quote, betraying the trust of the holy father. but he said he did it to show what he called the evil and corruption of the church. he also believed that the pope was being manipulated. now, the 46-year-old father of three, who lived at the vatican, is widely expected to be pardoned by his boss, pope benedict xvi. >> thank you, lama. lama hasan reporting from london. and the fbi is saying the border patrol agent that was killed near the mexico border was likely the victim of friendly-fire. investigators found that 30-year-old nicholas ivie's death and the death of another agent, were probably an accidental shooting by an agent. and american airlines says, all of its boeing 757s will be
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back in service today. american took all 48 of the jets out of service to fix a problem causing seats to come loose. some of the seats in mid-flight. the airline was forced to cancel dozens of flights to change a bolt that holds down the seats in that aircraft. and conflicting reports out of china this morning about a possible strike at a factory that makes the new iphone. the manufacturer foxconn is denying that workers have walked out. saying production has not been interrupted. this follows a report by a labor watch group claiming as many as 4,000 workers are striking because of increased quality control demands. and a massive car pileup on a florida highway has left dozens of people injured. there were 12 crashes involving 47 vehicles. 54 people were injured, 2 critically. the accident shut down a stretch of highway for six hours while authorities cleared the scene. police blamed heavy rain and driver error.
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and the first wild card game in baseball history, it turned ugly last night. there was a nearly 20-minute delay after fans in atlanta littered the field with bottles, beer cans and other debris after a bad call. i would say allegedly bad call, but it was pretty obvious. the braves went on to lose to the cardinals. braves out, cardinals advance. you know that michael phelps can swim. but apparently can play a little golf, too. the most decorated athlete in olympic history upstages some of the best golfers in the world. check this out. >> did it go in? >> 153-foot putt. in the hole. how about that? took about 17 seconds for the ball to go in the hole. that's roughly the time for phelps to swim about 50 meters, roughly the same as the putt he made. he's a 16 handicap golfer. a little better than me. and i never made a putt close to that. a little?
4:14 am
>> luck. let's just call it luck. >> luck. >> ron claiborne, thank you. the woman who earned the nickname black widow is facing fresh charges. she will be in court next week, charged with attempted murder for allegedly trying to poison her husband. this from a woman who had previous marriages end in death and who actually did time for killing one of those husbands. abc's john schriffen is here with more on this. >> reporter: bizarre doesn't begin to describe this story. according to reports out of canada, reports say her latest husband new about her questionable past and decided to marry her anyway. but in court on friday, prosecutors decided to use her criminal history against her, trying to convince the judge not to grant bail and keep her behind bars. hard to believe this 77-year-old woman, shielding her face from cameras, is a convicted killer who canadian authorities say tried to strike again. melissa weeks, also known as the internet black widow,
4:15 am
honeymooned with her latest husband in nova scotia when he became ill. at the hospital, doctors found a sedative drug in his body and became suspicious. >> i think it had more to do with the way mrs. weeks was dealing with the medical emergency of her husband or not really dealing with the medical emergency of her husband more than anything. >> reporter: after large amounts of primgs prescription drugs were found in her home and vehicle, weeks was arrested and charged with murder for allegedly trying to poison her husband. despite week's request to be released, prosecutors say it is likely she will remain in custody. >> in this case, that's very significant, given her fraud history. and the various identities that she's had. >> reporter: this is not the first time people have heard of the black widow. >> we heard about her when she was in florida. we read up some on that at that time. but it was just a -- it's just unbelievable. >> reporter: but ex-boyfriend, alex, wasn't surprised when he heard weeks was in court because
4:16 am
he claims she tried to poison him back when the two met in 2005. >> i had to go to sleep. if i had to get up to go to the bathroom or something, that's when i would get up. and i'd fall over. >> reporter: weeks was not convicted for allegedly poisoning him. but was arrested for wiping out about $20,000 from his bank account. back in 1991, she was convicted of killing her then-husband gordon stewart, after drugging and running him over with her car, not once, but twice. she was sentenced to six years in prison. but only served two. now, weeks could face up to 14 years in prison for administering a noxious substance. and for attempted murder, life in prison. her bail hearing has been rescheduled for tuesday. but something interesting. the judicial system in canada is a little different from here in the states. she has a choice of choosing a judge or a jury to hear her case now. interesting which one she'll decide could be on tuesday. >> we'll keep an eye on it. john, thank you. time, now, for the forecast. ginger zee, our meteorologist in the house. good morning, ginger.
4:17 am
>> good morning, everybody. i want to start with a look at denver because they had up to an inch and a half of snow. there's more snow for wyoming and colorado on the way. that's what it looked like yesterday morning. officially, less than a half-inch. but still, two weeks before their first average measurable snowfall usually falls. a little early. and some of the fall colors getting a sprinkle there. we'll look at how much snow is going to fall today. that four to eight-inch rain stretches into northeastern colorado. there is more snow. but in a lot of the rural areas. it's not going to hit any major cities. but, boy, is it going to be cool this morning. temperatures at freezing at north platte. wichita is 46. oklahoma city, 44. this is into tomorrow, too. and all this is going to spread. look how cold it's going to be for your sunday morning. if you're making plans for sunday morning, really chilly, all the way to louisville, which is 39. chicago tomorrow morning, 34. you've got that big chicago
4:18 am
marathon, which will have a full forecast coming up in the next half hour. i also need you to know that it's not just to the east this cold air goes, bringing boston at 76 today, down to 55 for tomorrow. but look at houston. today, in the mid-80s. tomorrow, less than 70 degrees. so, this cold goes all the way through most of the nation. and you're really going to feel a little touch of late fall, even early winter. and there's been that flooding concern. you saw the story in ron's newscast about the issues and roadways in florida. today, you're going to have isolated thunderstorms. locally heavy rain and flooding possible in the northwest. they're still very dry. red flag warnings popping up here and there. fire danger is up.
4:19 am
>> after a really warm summer, chicago's starting to feel some of that still. and you can see it in the pictures that are coming in. that fog rising up there at the chicago bow tannic gardens. beautiful place to visit. and we'll look at the florida storm clouds. they'll see more of that. thank you for the photos. if you want to send me the snow photos, that's what i want to see, what we all want to see, send them to me at twitter. i want to see the snow pictures. >> all right. >> i don't want the snow temperature. >> it's the drop-off that's incredible. it really is. thanks, ginger. the presidential debate a little too wonky for you, you might want to check out the
4:20 am
sold-out pay-per-view of jon stewart of "the daily show" and bill o'reilly of fox news. >> the trash-talking has begun with someone in stewart's camp saying he will, quote, eat bill o'reilly's liver. here's reena ninan. >> it's on. >> ready to rumble. >> reporter: on saturday night, bill o'reilly will face off in a live, pay-per-view mock debate, with jon stewart. >> do you see me as mitt romney? is that how you're going to frame this now? >> i see you as an abominable snowman. o'reilly angry. >> reporter: and so much for talking down expectations. >> who's going to win? >> jon stewart will eat bill o'reilly's liver, with some fava beans. >> reporter: while the rules aren't exactly clear. >> what is the protocol for two people about to debate? is it like a wedding thing? i'm not supposed to see you now. >> none of that. >> reporter: it's expected there will be an hour of debate with
4:21 am
30 minutes of audience questions. the debate prep has already begun. >> i wanted to work on speed. i chased the chicken around the studio. >> reporter: perhaps with this debate, the political punches won't be as carefully calculated as the presidential one. the moderator will be former fox anchor, edie hill. >> for stewart and his 18 writers. >> reporter: for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> that's a pretty good punch. >> my stepson would say, do you want some ice for that burn. that was cold. >> bill o'reilly, by the way, will be granting his first post-debate interview tomorrow morning with george stephanopoulos on "this week." coming up, the teacher/student sex scandal has shocked a community in new jersey. three separate teachers were involved. and the cover-up allegedly goes straight to the top. plus, a heartwarming tale of a dog and its owner. we'll tell you how this husky tracked down the man who was miles from home.
4:22 am
they're both in our studio this morning with an amazing story to tell you. you don't need to be an animal lover for this one. >> the dog's name is zander. he's drooling on the couch. and come on down, is one of the longest-running game shows and a major change coming to "the price is right." that's coming up on "gma" this saturday morning. keep it here.
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we have a fifth anchor on "gma." his name is zander. and zander has an amazing story of how he tracked down his owner who was in the hospital. also coming up, a big change for a big game show. >> "the price is right," just as famous for its models as it is for its prizes. we'll tell you about the newest model coming up on the show.
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as zander licks everybody. >> zander, can you say, we'll be right back? we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] this is the opposite of subliminal advertising... there's no subtext... just tacos. yeah, it's our job to make you want it. but honestly... it's not that hard. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am
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pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. ♪ i was wondering what dogs song we were going to pick for this story. loyalty is one of the reasons we love dogs. what this dog, whose named zander, tried to do was truly extraordinary. when zander's owner went to the hospital, he tracked him down. i was playing with zander. turns out, white shedding dogs and black suits, don't go so well. >> everybody in the studio is falling in love with zander this morning. good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga, along with dan harris on this saturday, october 6th. also this morning, the iconic game show, "the price is right," is doing something it's never done before. the show has been a favorite for decades. known as much for the models as the amazing prizes. you may be amazed seeing the
4:31 am
newest face. >> i loved being sick on sick days watching "the price is right." we're going to start with a teacher/student sex scandal, one that allegedly goes all the way to the top. three teachers charged with having relationships with students. and now, charges of a high-level cover-up. mark greenblatt is on the story this morning. >> students and parents at most high schools are busy gearing up for fall exams. but in south jersey, talk about an exploding sex scandal involving teachers and students, even the school's principal, arrested now for covering it all up. rumors of sex between teachers and students at triton high school surfaced this summer. not one, but three teachers of the south jersey school are caught up in what's become an all-out scandal. >> i think it's terrible. i mean, they shouldn't even look at students in that way. and it's sad because now, it's like, are they looking at my daughter that way? >> reporter: prosecutors alleged the repeated sexual activity began last fall and didn't stop
4:32 am
until this june, with sexually explicit text messages sometimes sent during the middle of class. one teacher becoming so comfortable, he went to a jersey beach with a student. >> it's obvious the culture at triton high school, where teachers thought they would get away with improper relationships. >> reporter: nick mart nelly's alleged victim was 18 years old. he's charged with official misconduct. the other two face additional charges of criminal sexual conduct and child endangerment. their alleged victims, 17. >> i'm surprised because they're the teachers you would never expect that from. >> a shame that these adults take advantage of the children like this. >> reporter: but the scandal is now much bigger, turning into an alleged massive cover-up, with principal catherine depaul and assistant pribs pal jernee kollock accused of misconduct. even telling a school employee
4:33 am
to delete text messages with a student. all five employees have been suspended, with the school district superintendent saying, we have zero tolerance for sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior of any kind. >> the system is broken. that's what it is. people are just continuing to covering and continually doing things they shouldn't do. and they know this is wrong. >> reporter: all of the teachers are in their late 20s or early 30s. two taught math class and one coached the girls' track team. and no word from their attorney. >> thank you. time for a check of the morning's other headlines. back to ron for that. >> we'll see zander later, huh? cool dog. good morning, everyone. in the news, an amber alert issued in colorado for 10-year-old jessica ridgeway. the fbi has joined the search for jessica who failed to show up to school yesterday. and gas prices are spiking in california again. prices at the pump jumping another 13 cents this morning to a statewide average.
4:34 am
an average of $4.61 a gallon, largely because of refinery outages. and legendary writer and director mel brooks will be honored with the american film institute's life achievement award. man behind "the producers" and "blazing saddles" will receive an award next june. talk about taking the plunge to celebrate her wedding today, a tennessee woman repelled down a 20-story building in her wedding dress, as you see there, as part of a fund-raiser for charity. >> air conditioned. >> did she do it because she was trying to spice up the marriage? >> charity. to raise money. it's time, now, for the weather. over to ginger zee, please. >> repelling, those things are easy. but the marriage thing, that's going to be tougher to get me to do. fall foliage. amazing how fast the fall colors
4:35 am
come and peak. enjoy it if you can this weekend. parts of colorado, northern plains, in the uppers. i peninsula of michigan. enjoy it if you have the saturday and sunday drive in you. new york, 72 today. but a couple of rain showers. isolated there. look at the rain/snow mix in the u.p. parts of michigan, too. very important forecast for the chicago marathon. i covered this for years. a lot of times, it's way too hot. tomorrow, not the case at all. 39, afternoon, 52. by the time someone like me would end it, it would be only in the 50s. either way, it's good.
4:36 am
>> this weather report brought to you by walgreens. that little touch of fall/winter. >> a lot of marriage proposals coming in for ginger zee. >> my answer is yes. >> find ginger a husband. coming up here on the broadcast, he is a husky named zander. i'm going to arrange to have him shed on ron this time. his owner believed he displayed extraordinary royalty. how did he track down one of the owners in the hospital? zander's here after the break. and tyra banks may be one of the most famous models in the world. but even supermodels have their imperfections. and she's not shy about showing imperfections. and she's not shy about showing her hers. the end of the day. that's why walgreens is introducing balance rewards. it's an easy way to save and get more of what you love walgreens for. earn points for prescriptions and everyday items and redeem them right at checkout whenever something catches your eye. sign up in-store or online; it's instant points and endless rewards.
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♪ if you ever doubted the special connection between man and dog, this next story may change your mind. a dog, zander, escaped from his home and turned up two miles away. >> he was found right outside of the hospital where his owner was recovering. zander is off camera. we're going to bring him in just a second. but first, here's the backstory. this is a story about the deep friendship between man and beast.
4:41 am
this 7-year-old husky named zander was so heartbroken when his owner went to the hospital, he slipped out of the back door in his home in long island, new york, and walked two miles to find him. john was laying in his hospital bed when he got a call from an employee with an urgent message. >> i have your dog. >> reporter: how could a dog have known his owner was in the hospital two miles away? animal experts say it's a mystery. but some dogs can do that. >> start wandering around and wind up in front of the hospital is 1 in a million. >> reporter: nobody knows how zander made it there. he would have to pass by a stream, cross a busy highway and navigate through neighborhood streets to get there. he was a starving shelter dogged rescued by the dolans five years ago. john and zander took daily walks around the neighborhood. when john was hospitalized,
4:42 am
zander was distraught. >> we're buddies. he came to see me. >> reporter: his 70-pound husky is like a son to him. and zander's devotion truly shows why dogs are called man's best friend. >> i think i have a new best friend this morning. this dog is so cute. john and priscilla dolan, coming into the studio. zander's crying a little bit. i'm not sure why. he's excited. is there any doubt in your mind that he was coming to see you? or is there any chance this was a coincidence? >> well, i mean, he was on his way to the hospital. was he on his way to hollywood? i don't know. >> after this, yes. priscilla, what do you think? >> i think he was looking for john. he was very sad when john was gone. very sad and mopey. i think he missed him. >> what was your initial reaction when you found out he came to the hospital? >> we couldn't believe it. i was sleeping. and i got a call. i was like, oh, my god. what's he doing there?
4:43 am
>> you're sitting in the hospital bed. and some guy calls you from outside the hospital and says, i found your dog. where are you? he says, come and get the dog. i have to go to work. i have to be to work in five minutes. called me at ten to 6:00. i'm in the hospital. i have to call my wife and get back to you. i got ahold of priscilla. and the gentleman said, i told him the story. i guess they realized before we did that it was a big deal because i was in the hospital and he came to see me there. >> quite a big deal. two miles away. >> i didn't really think of it. he's my boy. he's been glued to me ever since. >> he's not going to leave your side anymore. and, priscilla, what do you think happened? do you think it's because he's so used to his routine that he shared with your husband every day that he didn't know what to do with himself? >> maybe. he sleeps right next to john. and john walks him a lot. i think so. >> what's next for him? is he getting an agent? >> we established he's going to
4:44 am
hollywood next. john and priscilla, thanks for coming in. zander, thank you. >> a great morning. we'll be right back with "pop news." right, zander? can you tell the audience? right, zander? can you tell the audience? >> thank you. thing this delicious could only come from nature. now from the maker of splenda sweeteners, discover nectresse. the only 100% natural, no-calorie sweetener made from the goodness of fruit. the rich, sweet taste of sugar. nothing artificial. ♪ it's all that sweet ever needs to be. new nectresse. sweetness naturally.
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all right. it's time for "pop news." our entertainment reporter, and host of "on the red carpet" rachel 134 rachel smith is here in new york this morning. p. >> pop time. here we go. we're getting our first look at nicole kidman as grace kelly. she truly looks like royalty. kidman is stunning as the actress-turned princess, grace of monaco. it's certainly a far cry from kidman's role in "paperboy," in
4:49 am
theaters this weekend. "grace of monaco" won't be out until 2014. quite the transformation, right? yeah. >> i -- this sounds like a good movie treatment. bad princess. >> coming soon near you. supermodel tyra banks is perfection in my book, right? i mean, wouldn't you agree? but not according to tyra herself. she took to twitter, with a caption, perfect is boring. and writing, check the juicy muffin top. come on now, tyra. in her career, runway model to media mogul, she has seen her platform to embrace her imperfections and wants to tell young ladies to celebrate theirs. if that's a juicy muffin top. >> any time we get muffin top in "pop news," we will take it.
4:50 am
>> right? bare with me, guys. come on down, rob wilson. it wasn't very good. i needed to be more into it. "the price is right" voted the boston native the winner of the long-running game show's first male model search. he beat out hundreds of hunks in the showcase showdown. of course, a costume change. rob says he's looking forward to helping contestants to play the famous plinko game. one little bit of advice. make the most of this experience, this gig only lasts a week. >> is he going to be wearing a shirt? >> ginger. >> we should have been at casting call, right? >> we consider her anti-marriage. all right, guys. check this out. we heard the slogan what happens in vegas stays in vegas. now, you can leave your hangover behind, too.
4:51 am
the mgm grand is redesigning rooms called the perfect cure for your hangover. they will help you sleep better and rejuvenate your mind and body. they include a special ventilation proveling, soundproofing and lighting to promote sleep and relaxation. the rooms will be ready later this month. >> lighted showers? >> sound-proof rooms. >> what ails you. we'll be right back with more "gma." keep it here. rachel, thank you.
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and before we go, we want to wish congratulations to sam champion, who announced his engagement to long-time partner, rubem. thank you for watching. look at them. >> good-looking couple. they are getting married new
4:56 am
year's in miami. we are so happy for them. >> sam has been so happy. and now, we know why. >> been in a good mood since they met. thanks for watching, everybody. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning. meanwhile, you can check us out on on yahoo! alright let's break it down.
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